Front Page CSS for paragraph

Hi, I went to my wordpress dashboard and went to my front page. There within the text box I created text to display on my front page. I am trying to find out what object I need to target in order to style this text? When I inspected the site the div class for this is “section-header” and “section-content”

I tried the below code but this had 0 effect. I also tried replacing .section-content with bottom.header and top.header Thanks

.page-id-1 #header .section-content  {
font-size: 18px;

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Please provide url of your website and tell me where is your text

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Hello, the body of text I would like to style is in the attachment. Thank you

Pasting now with a body of text included for example… Thanks

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You can use default WordPress page editor for this, no css needed, with default editor you can change font size, color, style and other related option by switching on visual mode, you will see there is a text mode and visual mode on the upper right corner of the page editor, please check this link for more detailed information
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For basic stlying, yes… But I am looking to add a border around that text and text-align: center. I am not able to style it to that degree in visual/text mode…

Well, n this case we need a different approach, something like this, you must wrap your text with custom class, for example:

<p class="custom_class">this is the text i want to style</p>

and then target this custom class for css styling:

border:1px solid grey;

You can add this css in appearance > customize > additional css