Front Page Error :(


I love the Shapely theme! I really don’t know what happened though because I didn’t touch my website after it was launched. My parallax home page is not showing up; but the files are still under the Widgets section. I downloaded the demo to try and fix it, but it’s still not showing up. Help, please :frowning: My website is being shown to clients! Everything was fine, and then…I don’t know what happened!

My website is…

What it looked like for a day…


Sorry for a late in response, can you try this.

  1. Create a new page, and choose the homepage page template in the page attributes on the right side?
  2. Go to Settings -> Readings -> Front Page Displays -> Static page and choose the page you created in step 1?
  3. And see that works.

If not, please pass us the WP Login details, we will check what’s going wrong.

Let us know,