Front Page Issues After Update

Hi Aigars,

After the update the home page reverted to a different view. I had it at full width before with no sidebar. Now the main content is half the width and an empty space where the sidebar should have been. Please help as I would like to have it at full width the way it was before the update! Thank you in advance!

I think I fixed it.

Glad you already fixed this.

For others:
I have now introduced full width and and regular page template that can be used for front page. Page templates can be switched via Page Attributes on Page Edit screen.

Aigars I added this to the child theme to fix it

.home .main-content-inner {

Just wanted to point out that when page templates are switched via attributes on page edit screens, nothing happens. The home page still remains at 66% width with an empty spot for the sidebar. Until I added this code, nothing would work. I am not sure, but may be we are having this problem because something in full-width page template is off. Of course I could be completely off here since I do not possess too much knowledge on php templates so I do all my editing in css. Thank you for the theme, it’s wonderful!

Ok, I see. That’s because you have modified header.php via Child Theme and you still have “outdated” code there from previous theme version, so you still get the old layout. But it is not a big deal and you can continue using it as this was the only major changed changed that I introduced with this update.