front page looks bad when loading

Hi Aigars. Nice theme you built there. I have 3 problems and I was hoping you can help me.

Problem:when loading the front page, all the posts line-up in the right part of the screen, one below the other, and when all the pictures are loaded, they move on the left part, showing 3 collumns.

  1. How can I change post size so that I will have 4 collumns.
  2. What can I do so it will load the page properly, not showing the posts on the right side (they are in a line, one below the other, and remain so untill the very last picture is loaded completely)?
  3. it’s about infinite scroll. can you please tell me the following: Div containing your theme’s content;
    Div containing your theme’s navigation, Link to next page of content and Div containing an individual post, and where to remove the prev and next buttons?

Thanks! keep up the good work!

Something doesn’t sound right. Could you please post your website URL, so I can look into it.

Number of columns depends on your monitor resolution. I can see 6 columns when viewing on my high-res monitor.

Since you have done customization to theme by centering content I can’t suggest any tweaks you should do in order to remove this unwanted behavior when posts are all loaded on the right side at first. It is not there by default, so you must look into what you did wrong with your tweaks.

I guess i’ll reinstal it and see if it happens again.

Crassh did you ever manage to fix the post loading on the right hand side?