Front page sections not loading when logged out


Ive installed a new WordPress instance and making use of the Illdy theme and have imported the content.

When im logged in and customizing the website I can the sections Ive added, but once im logged out im no longer seeing all the sections, just some of them. Also, not all features in a section is shown (buttons etc)

Not sure if im missing a setting somewhere to make these section public to all?

Hey there

May I see it? please provide access to your and I will take a look, or, share a screenshot of the problem


Hi Team.

Thanks for the response.

The website im working on can be found here:
Ive disabled the coming soon feature to make this visible for you to see from a normal users’ perspective.

There are various home page sections/aspects missing when not logged in.

Ive started playing around with the theme editor (although Id ideally not like to do this) to try and get things to work. On the “front-page-team.php” template I managed to track down a line a code which caused this issue
elseif ( current_user_can( ‘edit_theme_options’ ) & defined( ‘ILLDY_COMPANION’ ) ) :

based on this, only logged in users (who can edit theme options) was able to see the team member section under the heading. Manually bypassing this condition with 1 ==1 || allowed a normal user (not logged in) to see the sections

Attached screenshot of Logged in vs Logged out

I have exactly the same issue. Raised a ticket, dialogue was started then everything went quiet, and nothing since. They should either retire or support this theme. I know it is free, but currently they are wasting peoples valuable time.

Hi @bruinsmap I just answered here: Problem when I try to add & edit blocks - #6 by colorlibsupport

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