Frontpage Content Widget does not accept new categories

I installed on WordPress the Tyche Theme demo version.
Everything works fine.
On the Frontpage all content widget work as set.
Now I added some new categories, but for whatever reason, when inserting the name of the new categories to the Frontpage content widgets, the new categories do not show up.
I deactivated all plugins, which are not WooCommerce related: same result.
Changing the title or the slug of an original category will make that this category will not show up any longer too.
Where is the problem?

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Can you show me where exactly they are not showing? you have to select them in the list of the categories where they are not displayed
Colorlib Support Team

I attached two pictures. One shows the widget with its selection and the Frontpage and how it looks.

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Do you have products assigned to the category being used? Please ensure that there are more than 5 products in the category.

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I have 6 products in that category.
And it doesn’t work.
The only active plugin I have is WooCommerce.
BTW: In the demo categories there are between 1 and 3 products only.
And it works!
Only new category products do not appear.
What could the problem be?

I just found out that when I set the Frontpage content widgets to uncategorized, then the products appear. But for none of those products this category was selected.

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In this case, could you kindly provide us with temporary admin access to your WordPress Dashboard so that we can have a closer look into this.

You may create a new administrator user within your WordPress Dashboard using your email address. You may then copy the login credentials to us in your reply.

I look forward to your reply.
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Thanks for your help.
Here your admin access:
User: shopmaster
Email: [email protected]
Password: KEZqlWyH1f!p$1xs7Z4ytJ1F
Role: Administrator
Hope I didn’t forget anything.
Else just let me know

I found the solution to my problem on page 17 of the Tyche topics:
New category not showing in widget “Tyche Products”
My category name was not identical to the slug name. This because my site is a swiss site. And as you may know, Switzerland has 4 official languages (German, French, Italien and Romantsch) and it is pretty normal that sites are at least in two of those 4 languages. Very often also in English.
Now this leads me to a new problem: When category name and slug name have to be the same, how will it be possible for the content widget to display the products in the correct language? E.g. for displaying the category “Topsellers” in German the slug name was “de-topsellers” and for French “fr-topsellers”. But when the slug name has to be “topsellers” too, how to make sure the product with the right language will be displayed?
Any suggestions?

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“how to make sure the product with the right language will be displayed?” - Without trying it you can’t be sure, so go ahead and try :slight_smile: