Frontpage side bar widget problem

Hi there, I’ve got a strange issue with my frontage sidebar. I was setting up ad widgets on my site and when first activated and setup, my ad widget showed on the top right of the sidebar. I made a mistake with naming the advert (on Adense) so I removed the widget from the sidebar, fixed the name and re-added it. Now every time I add one, it doesn’t appear on my homepage, yet appears on posts and my other pages.

Also my frontage sidebar doesn’t match the sidebar in posts/pages. I moved the Archive widget down to the bottom beneath my Twitter widget. This works on posts/pages, but not on the homepage, it just stays put. If I remove the Archive widget it is deleted across all pages. When I re-add it the same behaviour happens. However when I go to Appearance/Customise, the preview of my site shows the ad widget where it should be and Archives appears right at the bottom.

So I’m not sure what is happening. I’ve tested across other browsers and devices but the same is showing across all. Any ideas? My site is here:

Since twitter widget, search, archive and recent posts widgets are working properly I think there must be some misconfiguration for Ad Injection plugin that you are using. Maybe there is some option that disables ads on front page or otherwise.

The thing is that in your configuration all pages would have the same sidebar as homepage “sidebar” is actually widgets below post and will work only when static front page is used, so not on your website.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Aigars. It looks to have sorted itself out. The correct order is now showing so I will probably a lengthy cache issue. Thanks for the help!