Full height grid (Multi-column) on homepage parallax widget

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I really want to implement a design element on the frontpage. I’m using the parallax widget (scrn shot attached) but I want to divide the widget into two halves horizontally. One half should be the image and the other half can have headline/supporting-text. I have also attached the screen shot of what I want it to look like.

Is it possible in this widget? Or is there another widget that can deliver this for me.

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In this situation you would have to use a third party developer or a page builder plugin. Please have a look at the following plugin that can be used:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Based on it, I tried Page Builder for a day and a half and somehow it is still not happening for me.
Is it possible that I just use the existing template and can change the height of the left-aligned and right-aligned Parallax widget so that the image covers the complete height of the widget and takes only 50% width?

I have attached a screengrab. The image should cover the space (height should be same as the black arrow that I have drawn on the image).