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I have just began to use Activello and I have uploaded a logo with a size 1920 x 1280
would expect it to show up as a full screen image.
However it does not. Its just a rather small image on the center of the upper screen.
What can I do to make this image wide screen ?


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Thanks for reaching out.
In relation to your query here, could you perhaps provide us with a link to the site so that we can check on whether there are any discrepancies in the rendering.

I look forward to your reply.
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Thanks for getting back to me.
Here is the link: http://www.fengshuinorge.no/blogg/

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Your image size is 300-200px, please try something big :slight_smile:

Yes but this happens after I upload it.
Before I upload the image it is 1920x1280 so it changes when I upload it to wordpress.
How can I prevent that ?


When I open the image in the media library after uploading, it shows the correct size.
Se screendump.
But when I check the size on the image on my site it is only 200x300

How is that ?


And these are the setting for the images.
Default WP settings.
I have not changed them

When I go to media library and pick the image I want for my logo I am directed to a crop screen. If I just close the crop screen without cropping the image gets larger but “only” 1060x706.
Still I don’t get the original image size when I use this theme.

HI there

I see you changed the theme, is everything ok?


Yes I am trying out some other themes now and this theme seems at least to give me a full wide image on top even though the image is a bit too big. But I can reduce it.

Thanks for following up.


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Thanks for letting us know.

Please feel free to open up a new thread for any new issues that occur.

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