Full width and less height of slider


I like this theme but i want to make three small changes.

1- The height of slider is too much that the preview content box of a slide is not in viewable area of browser. I like the slider of travelify theme where slider height is less so that when page is loaded then not just the slider but the widgets below it are also shown.

2- There is too much empty space on sides of the columns. I want to reduce this space.

3- I want social widget to show in the header.


  1. You should use different aspect ratio for your images that would fit better. We use 1920px by 600px on our theme dem and I think it does look nice. Square images not going to look good with this theme.
    Images in slider are displayed in full size and are not cropped or resized once uploaded which means that you will get what you upload.

  2. Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS to make theme wider:

@media (min-width:1200px){

.single-featured {
  width: 100%;
  1. Unfortunately, there is no option to add social icons in header for this theme. The closest you can get is to add them on top of sidebar or create menu item with dropdown with those menu items in dropdown pointing to social networks.
    It would look something like this: