full width footer banner

Dear Movin Searching all topics, found no solution. I want my footer banner to be full width, how can I determine that? http://shavandi.ir many thanks

Hi @shavandi.ir,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here. I visited your site and found you are using Pinbin theme so you should have created your topic in the Pinbin theme forum and not in the Sparkling theme forum. For this topic i have moved it to Pinbin theme forum. I am not sure what you meant by footer banner so could you please tell me a bot more in detail by sharing the screenshot of it? Kind Regards, Movin

I’m so unlucky
for a moment I switched to pinbin theme
If you visit my website from now on, you could see it in sparkling theme, and my sample footer banner is there.
I also want to omit the gap/space between footer widget area and footer banner section.

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