Full Width Page Display Problem


Your themes are beautiful and I am seriously considering the Sparkling theme in my site’s next overhaul. However, while testing the demo version, I noticed a display issue with the full width page.

I tested this in two browsers, Safari 9.0.2 and Firefox 42.0, and in each browser, the content area is offset to the right, so that you have to scroll horizontally across the page to see all of the content. To make matters worse, the menu bar at the top is not continuous. I’ve attached two screenshots to demonstrate. Might it be possible to fix this?

Thanks again for the great themes,

Scott Lothes
Madison, Wisconsin

Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

I have tested it on my system using latest version of Firefox browser and it’s working fine for me.

Which operation system are you using?

Could you please test it clearing your browser cache and disabling all your browser plugins / extensions?

Is it working fine for you using Chrome browser?

Kind Regards,