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Im using an custom slider (metaslider plugin) and for wordpress pages i use full-width template but in the left side and right side remain a large amount of white space. (Like in the image). How can i do to make the slider full width without the space?
The url is http://webdevelopment.fmcgmanagement.ro/

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I had a look at your page and space is showing up since the slider content is added within the main content’s container.
Kindly confirm, how are you adding the slider? Are you using a shortcode that can be added to your template file? You will need to add the slider into the your template file.
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I add the slider with the shortcode in the template file. I added it in the header of the full page width template

right now i resolved with the slider. But right now i want to make full width featured images from single pages, i use full width template but white space remain in left and right side.

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.single-post .thumbnail {
width: 100%;

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