FutureMag template HELP!

Hi there. I’ve downloaded the FutureMag template for Blogger. It working fine. But I have some problems with the ‘Page’. I have ‘latest news’ page in my blog. So I want to post the recent posts in this page. I want the content of ‘recent posts’ in home screen in this page. How to do it? (See the image. I want that posts to my ‘Latest News’ page)

Please help.


Hello there,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here but as it stands we only provide help to WordPress themes here and not Blogger themes.

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Why? I used the same template that you provided… So you should help me here…

hi there

Can i see your website? please provide url and i will check it

Okay. Here it is:

Dear @akhil7cena
we are WordPress theme supports, we know anything about our WordPress themes but not about blogger themes, however, we don’t have dedicated support for blogger themes, what I can do in this case is that i can check if this is possible optionally from blogger settings, if this is not possible from settings then im afraid we cant help you further to customize template, (BTW if you checked it already and you are sure there is no such settings then i think we cant do anything else :frowning: ) to do this i will need to access to your dashboard,
let me know if its ok for you, you have to send your admin details privatelly in your message


Yes, I’m ready! But you need to send your email id to me. Then I will add you as admin. So you can access the dashboard. OK?

Hello there,

We are not able to provide an email address for you to use but you can provide the login credentials here in a private reply. It is a checkbox below the text field.

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Ok, I will give you!

Username: [email protected]
Password: CENATION


Plz respond. Did you checked my blog?

Hi there

Can’t login, i get this message:

Whoops, that’s an error.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.

i tried this several times and getting same, can you send me a proper login link?
Please note, i cant guarantee any fix, if this is not possible from options then I cant provide any fix, this is just my wish to help you, we only support WordPress themes

That’s why I told you that give me your email id and I will make you as admin for my blog. So you can access my dashboard.


Ok, as you wish sir :slight_smile:
its [email protected]

Hi Noda,

I send you the invitation. Plz accept it.

Hi akhil7cena

I just checked your issue, Akhil, unfortunately, I was not able to find the way to achieve your goal, looks like there is no such options to achieve this, without customization, this is not possible for sure
Sorry buddy if we cant provide more detailed information about this problem, we are WordPress support, i tried my best


But you are not admin at that moment. Now I added you as admin. Now check it…

It’s enough! You can’t help me. Close the topic!

Sorry about this

i was checking it yesterday and was not able to fulfill your request,
If you have anything related WordPress i will be more than happy to help you