gallery images not lined horizontally after enabling minification

Hi. I had almost finished everything on my website using travelify (which is great) but right at the end something has happened to distort the positioning of the images which I hope is not too difficult to sort out, if anyone can help. All my gallery images both in the main content and sidebar widgets have changed to be lined vertically, one on top of eachother, as in this screenshot.

I don’t think I have inserted any code which would have affected the images and the last thing I did was edit some of the settings on the w3 total cache, if that could in any way be realted? I did also deactivate and remove Grand Flagallery - Photo Gallery Plugin, but I hadn’t used that for any of the images so I don’t think that’s the problem. Many thanks

I have got to the root of it - if I disable the w3total cache minify option, the site returs to normal. By not enabling this function, would it adversely affect the site in other ways, does anyone know? Anyway main problem solved but any general advice in terms of w3total cache would be appreciated.

Not all CSS and JavaScript files can be combined together. Doing so might result in different problems that could result in layout issues as well as website functionality. In the best case scenario you should try to use minify option manually by testing which files can be minified and combined. It will take a lot of time but there is no better workaround if you want to use minification.

Other option is to use other W3 Total Cache settings but leave minification untouched as there is no automated solution that could help and it requires some testing to make things work smoothly.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Aigars, I’ll do that. Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Thanks again for all your good work.