Gallery images won't open in a lightbox for Dazzling WP theme

After having upgraded to the latest version of Dazzling theme, images in my old galleries and the new ones stopped opening in lightbox and open in an attachment page or in media file. Why can it be? The Jetpak tiled galleries are on for all the galleries. How can I fix this?
Thank you!

I think what caused this problem.

I have tested it on my demo site and localhost it would be great if you could do another test.

Replace existing main.js file (replace it’s content is fine too and no need to replace the entire file) that you can find in Dazzling theme folder >> inc >> js.

Replace it with code that you can find on Github.

If everything will go as planned this fix will be shortly available via automated update.

Thank you!

You are right, the problem was in main.js. I replaced it with main.js from “” and the lightbox is working now.
Thank you very much!

Good afternoon.
I am also having trouble opening the images from my gallery using Ligthbox. Just does not work or images open in a new page or open only the images themselves.

All jetpack files are already configured and active.
Tested including a gallery widget and works perfectly only when I add the gallery in a post that does not work.

Note: I’ve tried replacing the file main.js and yet still does not work.

Fwiw, I’ve got the same problems; galleries no longer open in a lightbox. Worked prior to 1.5 update to Dazzling. Tried replacing main.js from the dazzling I had laying around, and it did <not> fix the problem :frowning:

Replace main.js file available from Github and don’t use outdated version such as 1.4.3 or 1.4.4.

If you don’t know how to replace it just wait few hours (days?) for WordPress team to approve this update. It is already pending review for more than a week now.


I just installed the latest version of theme 1.5.1… Still Image links are going to attachment page. Lightbox is not working. I have tried by replacing the main.js file also from github, still no luck.


Here the same thing, I replaced main.js. but still the gallery lightboxes are not working properly.


Just updated to Dazzling 1.5.1 after updating to the latest WP release, same results, Lightbox doesn’t work; images still open as a separate attachments page.

What lightbox do you use for your websites?

Jetpack carousel is working fine on our demo site as you can see here. It would be great to know what lightbox plugins you are using, so I can give it a try.

I use Jetpack, and the lightbox is not working anymore. I updated the main.js file but problem still exists.

I fixed this by activating the Carousel in Jetpack Settings.

Uninstalled / reinstalled & activated JetPack, and it now works. Deactiviated Jetpack and also tried with Gallery Carousel Without JetPack and it also works… good to go! Cheers

If anyone still having problems with JavaScript based plugins make sure to upgrade to Dazzling 1.5.1. After update clean your website and browser cache as JavaScript files are being cached, so changes might not be instant in some cases.