Gallery, pagination and "share" buttons

Hello :slight_smile:
Can I ask you wchich extensions did you use in demo version of your theme?
e.g here
I mean pagination, gallery and “share” buttons.
After clear installation I haven’t got any of them.

For Gallery itself I am using default WordPress gallery layout which is available via WordPress Media Manager.

For lightbox effect I use Jetpack plugin which is developer by Automattic, the same team that is behind WordPress development itself. You can read more and download this plugin here:
Jetpack have loads of awesome features and Sharing buttons are one of those. Included in the same package, just needs them to be enabled.

Pagination is default WordPress functionality and you can just simply use <!––nextpage––> tag between chapters that you want to split into separate pages.

Thank you very much for everything :slight_smile:

<!–nextpage–> doesn’t work with your theme :confused:

First of all the code should be used like this:

And it must be added to Text editor instead of Visual text editor.

I am certain that this theme does support it. :wink:

That works. Thank you :slight_smile: