General Issues


I have been using the theme over the past few days and I really like the design. I am having a few issues that I can’t resolve myself, due to my skill level.

  1. Can I replicate a section in another section e.g. can I put ‘projects’ in the ‘about’ section, by just changing the widgets? I have tried, but the colours don’t come out as they should and the text is not in bold?

Can I add further sections to the homepage e.g. replicating projects, but with a new title of ‘research’? if so how would I do this?

  1. Can I upload video content instead of having pictures in the project section, if so how is this best done?

  2. How do I replicate the home page? Every time I add a new page it has the following elements on the side?

  3. my website does not load consistently anymore, when I was trying it on different devices?


Hello @matthew,

Unfortunately, none of the above is possible without extensive custom work and even then, I think that you cannot replicate the homepage layout inside a WordPress page.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you please provide more details about your 4th questions, what do you mean by not loading consistently anymore?