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Hi people, I’m using “gentelella theme” and I have a problem with multilevel menu.
Can any body tell me Why the MULTILEVEL Menu don’t works when I see the web on mobile or tablet? Its disappears when I click on submenu level.

URL : Gentelella Alela! |

thank you, sorry for the inconvenience.


hey there

I just checked it and it worked for me very well i can’t see any problem in the theme menu, i used my Android device for checking this problem, can you try from other devices? or other browsers?

Seriously? mmmm I’m using chrome.
I will tray with another browsers and tell you anything.
If you see the option MULTILEVEL that appears in the web example… you can see the submenu?
When I try to do “click” on option MULTILEVEL and unfolds THE MENU… appears another option for do “click” for see the submenu so I do “click” and the menu closes. Not show the SUBmenu.

I see FIRST LEVEL but not second level menu.

I hope you undestand my english, sorry!

Thanks for help me.

Can any one tell me anything about this problem?
There are solution?


hi @lyradian

Sorry for the delay, yes i just saw it and i can confirm this is not working for me too,
unfortunately i cant provide a solution without our developer, but i will submit a support ticket, we will fix it soon, meanwhile, you can continue working on other parts of the website

OK! Thanks for your attention!!

best regards!

Ticket is opened in our github issues and you can see the progress too:

is there anything else?