Geodirectory font awesome icons are not working with Unite Theme


Great theme! But, I’m currently facing an irritating issue with icons.

There are supposed to be font awesome icons throughout the Geodirectory portion of the website (ie. If you go to the “Find a Hairstylist” page, there should be an icon beside “Reviews” and “Favorite” in every listing. In the hairstylist profile page, there should be icons beside “Salon Address” “Phone” and “Send Message.”

I’m assuming that the font awesome icons applied in the Geodirectory plugin are conflicting with the icons in Unite Theme? I’d appreciate any help resolving this problem so that the icons are visible.

You might try Github version of this theme as it is few versions ahead of one available via automated updates: GitHub - puikinsh/Unite-Theme: Customizable WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and Options Framework

Thanks for the reply, Aigars. Any other suggestions? The website is

If you’re unable to provide a solution could you please delete my previous post with the link? I’m getting traffic from this page and would like to avoid any spam etc.
Thank you.

I have removed active URL to your website.

I didn’t realize that you are still having issues with Font Awesome. Sorry about that.

Make sure to remove this code from you Child Theme style.css as you have made a mistake in it and all Font Awesome icons are not hidden everywhere on your website.

.woomenucart-menu-item, .fa, .fa-shopping-cart, .amount {
	display: none !important;

Instead you can replace this code with this one. It does the same thing (removes shopping cart from neu bar) but it won’t cause problems with Font Awesome icons.

.woomenucart-menu-item {
	display: none !important;

Let me know if there is anything else.