GET 404 Project Images

I recently moved my test subdomain to a live site by switching the URL, and importing the files into the phpMyAdmin database for the new domain. For some reason, when I try to upload images through the customizer, it seems to add two URLs together and I’m not exactly sure why or how to fix this.

And yes, I did take them down and try other images.


Can you please provide me temporary admin dashboard access to have a closer look for myself?

It indeed seems like there’s a need for new images to regenerate the path, so I recommend downloading the pictures and upload them again when you media pick them, but there also might be something else related to the site moving: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex

Let me know about it.


admin access:
username: support
pass: iwkn9#jzmNzA!^[email protected]

please provide the website link, as well.


oh of course, sorry!

it won’t let me post a URL, I click ‘Submit’ and it just seems to refresh the page. I was having this problem earlier. It’s the same URL that’s in the image links


I wrote a long reply and for some reasons is got deleted.

I managed to login alright, thank you. I had to re-upload the project images and change the widget titles back and forth and everything is working now, no more erros and pictures in the project section.

Best regards

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your efforts!