Getting rid of all menus from the ILLDY home page

I would like to have no menu visible on my home page. How do I achieve this?
Currently there is an anchor point menu installed but it hasn’t worked for ages (we’re all still waiting for the long promised fix for this “bug”). Google has brought it to my attention that this is something of a put-off for new visitors and my bounce back ratio is very high.
I’ve tried deleting the menu but then some other menu (that I never actually installed) takes over and it is even more messy and, importantly, still doesn’t work.
I notice that there are a number of “other menus” as well.

Do I need to delete all the possible menus in order to have no menu visible to visitors?
Alternatively, is there a way to hide the menu(s) - in the hope that one day the problem will be fixed?
Regards, Barbara.

Hi there

Yes, first of all you need to delete your menus, it should help, otherwise post your website url here and I will generate custom css for you

Many thanks for your prompt reply.
Before I go ahead and delete all the menus, can you tell me if that will also delete the three-line “menu” icon in the top RHS corner of the jumbotron.
I am hoping that it will - if the icon is visibly there, visitors will still expect a menu.
[In fact, I would be fine to just lose the icon.]

Regards, Barbara.

Hi Barbara

Probably no, but in this case I will help you, please provide URL of the website and I will generate custom CSS code for you to hide it


Hi C’lib support,

You were right, the icon remained - with every single page & section listed within it. Worse still, on the non-mobile version all those destinations were listed across the top R quadrant of the jumbotron. A big mess.

I’ve tried re-installing the Anchor Point menu from scratch but with no luck.
I also tried using the “all pages” menu but with ony the anchor point section URLs. This was successful for all but two of the home page section destinations but the page was being completely re-loaded each time.

So I’ve re-installed the Anchor Point but with just one menu destination - HOME. This is the only one that works and it may well be useful for site explorers. I am considering keeping it like this.

Nonetheless, If there is a way of deleting or hiding the menu debris (icon, entries) I would appreciate you sharing it.
If it involves a custom CSS code I will need good instructions. It will be the first time I’ve ever dealt with that stuff.

Hi there

No worries, you just provide url of the page and I will provide step by step instruction :slight_smile:

Hi Colorlib support,
The URL is
Yes, please do send me the custom CSS code.
I’m still thinking about how I have it set up at the moment and whether it might be a good idea to leave it as is but it will be good to have the option of getting rid of all indications of a menu entirely.

BTW, is this Anchor Point Menu on Illdy ever going to be fixed?
It’s been well over a year since it fell apart. I’m not even sure if there has been an update since then.
Regards, Barbara

Hi Barbara

Ok, I will not send it :slight_smile:
The problem with the menu is already reported, we are waiting for when the developer will take it and fix