Getting rid of vertical bar at beginning of site title

Hi! Can someone please help me get rid of the vertical bar “|” at the beginning of my site title? It currently looks like this: “| Business Startup Lawyer & Attorney”

The website is

The vertical bar is not in my Site Title under Settings, so I’m not sure why it’s showing up like this on the actual page and in Google search.

Thank you!

Hi @dandan

Hm… sorry, but I have a problem to see it, can you please provide a scerenshot?

Sure, here is screenshot from Google search. The vertical bar shows up at beginning. Any help as to how to remove it please?


Its a WordPress title, please check it in the settings :slight_smile:


Hi, I did check it in Settings. But the vertical bar at the beginning of the site title doesn’t show up there! So how do I get rid of it?

Hi there

Can you please temporarily activate one of the default WordPress themes? let’s make sure this is not by the theme,
Please also verify if you’re using any SEO plugins