Glint case upload


I just bought the template.

I’m about uploading the web-site which I use the Glint Template as the Framework. So, in order to custom the footer credits, I bought the template on your site.

So now, once I just got the original file from the e-mail you sent me. This .zip file contains the template from the start point. It means I got to restart the project from scratch.

What I need from you now, is you to let me upload the Project with the a custom footer credits since I bought the template. The url is: Portafolio Manglares de Vice


Marlon Zapata

Hi Marlon

You just need to remove footer credit, no extra step is required here, just remove the footer credit, thats all

So, It means there won’t be legal problems from now since I got de license.

Thank you so much!


Yes, that’s the case, you will have no any problem :slight_smile: