Glint MailChimp Contact Scraping Exploit?

Hi Folks,

I have the Glint Single Template License. I’ve added my MailChimp URL enabling the signup form. Strangely, in addition to seeing my own signups, I can see that they are also being added to another person’s list which had double opt-in turned on (although that seems to have been turned off now). When turned on, the list took me to a page with the following information, managed by [email protected]
Subscription Confirmed
Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.
Thank you for subscribing!
Gloria Compound
Batangas 4200
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I’ve looked all over the files and cannot find where this rogue list, called “list-1”. Has anyone used Glint before?

Appreciate the help!


Was my fault! Template works flawlessly.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Case closed, feel free to open new tickets