Glint Template is missing style.css file

Hi Team,
I recently purchased the Glint Template. However, when I tried to install it to my Wordpress site, using the zipped download, the style.css file is missing.
Please help as this renders the template unusable.

Hi there

Glint is HTML template, you cant install it in the WordPress, but it can be used as a HTML template


Hi Team,

Thank you for your email.

Under the circumstances, this is not the product I intended to purchase, as I was of the belief that the template was suitable for Wordpress.

With this in mind, I want a refund.

I look forward to having my refund request confirmed and honored.

Best regards

Hi there

You need to start the refund process from your payment system account, please initiate it and an appropriate team member will approve it


Hi Team,

There are no clear instructions on how to request a refund on my purchase.

Your instructions to initiate the refund on my payment account are ambigious as I am wiritng this measage from my Colorlib account.

Kindly provide step by step instructions as to where exactly, I need to initiate a refund.

Thank you.



@EleanorK you need to initiate refund from your payment system, for example, if you used Paypal you need to login in PayPal and in payments initiate refund, if you used credit card you need to use your bank account to start refund, its that simple