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Hi there! I just purchased the template, love it but would like to change somethings. I would like to put images behind the sections not just a color. Also, how do I get it to recognize a different favicon? Thanks

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Since this is html template you can do it easily what you only need is making changes in the html files, it will definitely need some level of html knowledge and css. favicon also can be changed from the html files of the template
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Thank you, I know it can be done. I was hoping for a little more instructions as I am not familiar with the way you right your css and also the favicon protocol.

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We can for sure help with small changes or directions but if you don’t have basic experience with HTML templates working then I’m afraid this will be a not enough :frowning:

I use Dreamweaver and work with HTML all the time. I have changed things already with the template just not nthese twothings. Please give me the instructions please

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  1. images - ok, lets try, but you have to show me url of the page, and screenshot of how you want it,
  2. favicon - for such general questions dont forget to use search in the web, this is one of solution from thousands:
    How to Add a Favicon to your Site - QA @ W3C

I don’t know why I bothered to pay for it as it appears you want me to Google and do it myself. I am not going to sue your template after all and would like my money back please. Cheers

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@nannybear all our templates are absolutely free, you don’t need to pay anything to use it, ur support of the templates are also free, we can help you with the template related questions, if you don’t know how to change a particular setting or page design, for the general question we can give you a proper direction, the reason i mentioned google search is that when question is not template related and is general question you can find answer much much faster, you don’t need to wait for my answer on support when the solution is already posted in the net, i hope this makes sense :slight_smile: