Glint website template contact form

Hello I have been working on getting this contact form working as intended with no success. I have been slowly making progress but seem to have run into a wall. It looks like everything server side is functioning correctly but there is an error coming from the sendEmail.php file, though I do not see any issue with my config. I would like to get this resolved asap, or I would like to get a refund for this product as it is currently not being used. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Hi there

You have an undefined variable error, you can review this tutorial to know more about it:

Please also note, that some level of PHP knowledge is necessary to work with PHP files

Kind regards

The problem is that I haven’t made any changes to the php, other than what is needed. I followed the instructions by the developer and am getting this error. I paid for this template and support should be included. I am not looking for generic linking to other articles. Please look at my specific issue


Ok, no problem :slight_smile:

Can you please send me your admin details to your website in a private message?
I will check/fix your problem