Google Adsense integration?

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How do I integrate Google Adsense into this theme? I have attached a photo.

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i see instruction on your screenshot, have you tried to follow it?
also, for more detailed instruction you can search your answer in the internet, there are several more solutions:

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Hi, yes I have tried to follow it but I am scared I have done it wrong. Do it put it just once in the widget box? Where do I paste this code?

No need to worry you won’t break your site if anything goes wrong.

Yes you can add it in the WordPress custom HTML widget as described in the following page in the section “Adding Google AdSense in WordPress”.

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I’d like to chime in and raise a question. What Adsense plugins are compatible with the Activello theme, and which one(s) do you recommend to automatically manage the placement of ads per page?


@ellecooks We have not tested adsense plugins with the theme but you can try using any of the following plugins.


I’m using the Shapely theme and I was wondering the same thing. I tried looking for the <head> </head> in the themes actual html but I can’t find it.

I also do not want the ads on the front page or home of my website. Just in Stories, Blog posts, About, etc.

You can look at my website here:

The articles on the website are tests articles just so I can see how things are going to look.

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the easiest way is here is to use this method: Top 20 AdSense Plugins for WordPress 2020 - Colorlib
you don’t need to change any theme files, this is a normal and native method of implementing Adsense or any other similar scripts :slight_smile:


I wish to add a leaderboard banner on the highlighted location in snapshot.

Kindly help how can we do it.



@commoncelebrity please open new ticket

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In relation to your query here, it seems that you are using another theme. I would suggest checking out this article still (Top 20 AdSense Plugins for WordPress 2020 - Colorlib).

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Hello. Why Google Adsense rejected my site? What are the requirements to be accepted?

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In reference to your query here, please counter-check on as to whether your site meets the policies outlined here (AdSense Program policies - AdSense Help). You can also consult a Google Analytics expert on what could be the cause of this.

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