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I have deleted the Editorials below the large image. About 20 of them. The plan was to leave four. Two above the google adsense gift and two below the google adsense gif. (the google adsense gif that is in mid page, not at the top of the page) In doing so, by deleting those editorials, I deleted the .google adsense gif. How do I get that gif back? It did not appear in the listings of the posts, how could removing a post delete that gif? Also, where do I put the google adsense code for the content google adsense? Thank you much.

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Sorry but if you deleted it then there is no way to get it back, you have to add it again,
how to add google adsens - its totally up to you, you may use third-party plugins for this or if you are good at coding you may code them in the theme files

Hi, if you delete things that you should not delete, or if your website moves to a position where you want it back, can you reinstall the theme over the top of the one that you have configured, minus the xml file and the wie files, and have the functionality back? Second, can you develop a child theme after you have the site crafted, without having to recraft the whole site? Just trying to see if I can get rid of things and bring them back after I need them.

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  1. No, there is no such option or method in the WordPress, universal solution, in this case, is to create a backup before making any important changes, or just a restore your site from the backup of the hosting
  2. Sorry but not clearly understand this part of the question, I think you are differently understanding how child theme works, it can be installed in any stage of the development

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