Google flags as 'not mobile friendly'

For some reason Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly’ test is showing sites using the Travelify theme as not mobile friendly.

The site it renders in the test page is not the mobile version and so highlights issues.

Google test example:

Example site:

The site renders perfectly on mobile devices using various browsers including chrome so was wondering why is this issue being flagged by Google and will it impact ranking/SEO?

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The theme is mobile responsive but Google is using very specific criteria to determine if the theme is responsive. It will not affect your SEO ranking because you can add an SEO plugin to help with that.

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Thanks for the reply! Which SEO plugin would you recommend?

Already using Yoast SEO for meta tags, social intergration etc.

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Yoast would be your best bet, the premium version unlocks a lot of things as well.
You can also look into Smart Crawl from WPMU Dev.

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