Google Fonts latin-ext inclusion for Sparkling WordPress theme

I’ve tried a hundred themes and this is by far the most polished one. Congratulations and thank you for this amazing product. I’ve tried looking for an answer to my query in the forums and found an answer that apparently helped someone, where a line was added to the child theme’s functions.php to integrate google fonts

However, when I added the lines myself, my site went completely unreachable (i.e. blank screen) and I had to FTP to it and delete the changes to functions.php to get it back up. I probably missed a step somewhere… any help appreciated

Next time please make sure to share the code you were using and how you were using it. I don’t know what you did wrong without seeing what you actually attempted to do.

Blank page means that you created a fatal error and you should check error logo to see more information about what went wrong but I am certain that you made an error in code.

To change Google Fonts via Child theme you can use code like this via Child Theme functions.php

function sparkling_google_fonts() {
	wp_deregister_style( 'sparkling-fonts' );
	wp_register_style( 'sparkling-googele-fonts', '//,latin-ext,400,600,700|Roboto+Slab:400,300,700&subset=latin,latin-ext');
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'sparkling_google_fonts' );

This will add latin-ext support for both fonts.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you so much for your fast reply. You put other theme creators and maintainers to shame. You are definitely right about me making a typo somewhere on my first try. This time, when I copy-pasted your code into functions.php my site works properly. I am using Helvetica for my body font and the headings are all default Roboto Slab. I’ve had no problems with Helvetica, since it loads the extended charset by default. RobotoSlab doesn’t, though, even with the code you provided, which should clearly force it do do so.

Kindly have a look at the attached screenshots. I have left your php code intact for now, but would seek to remove Open Sans once we get RobotoSlab working as intended. the website can be found here.

Thank you very much for your support. You’ve got a future paying customer in me, for sure.

It did partially help, Aigars, and thank you for that. My headlines now apparently use the -ext subset. However the widget titles still apparently don’t. I would really appreciate a viable solution. Thank you once again!

Please post your website URL and I will look into this because something doesn’t sound right at all. Because this code make sure to use the same fonts but adds latin-ext. Since the same fonts that are for widget title are used for post title then post title should have the same problem. if not there is some other modification done to this theme that breaks this functionality.

I checked for cross-browser compatibility, out of desperation and, what do you know - therein lies the problem. Using Firefox, I get the problem described above. However, Chrome renders the fonts properly. SO there you go… not sure if you can address that… thank you for your support, in any way, both the theme and your team are amazing!

Hey there, I can’t get my comments to show if I include links, apparently. I thought I answered you long ago. the site’s at

However, I’ve tried accessing it with Chrome, and it all works flawlessly. FFox is my broser of choice, though, and it’s got issues with google font subsets, apparently.

Thanks for all your help!

Ok, now I see. This font doesn’t support all font width in your language, so you will have to switch to Open Sans that is also used for body content. You can do that by adding this simple CSS to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .h1, .h2, .h3, .h4, .h5, .h6,
.navbar .container .navbar-brand  {
	font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

Let me know if this helps.


yes, of course it does. Shame to hear that I can’t really use the gorgeous Roboto Slab, unless I want Firefox users having a bad experience. :frowning:

Thanks anyway!