Google My Business shortcodes not working

Plugin: Reviews and Rating – Google My Business

Shortcode not working on home page but works on other created pages. Any chance someone could look at it? It is kinda important to show reviews on home page.

Hi there

SHortcodes are sanitized in the homepage boxes, I’m afraid without customization its not possible to render them

I wonder why as this is kind of a deal breaker. Seems like really unnecessary own-goal. We have reviews coming from Google and other services and all of them render through shortcodes. What is the workaround with customization?

Hi there

Well, that’s for security matters, but I understand you as well,
You need to customize the template, this requires knowledge of PHP to disable function controlling this feature


I have knowledge of PHP, can you help by pointing me to the correct file and function that needs to be disabled?

Hi @mraak3

If you know PHP then it should be no question to find them, check this out: illdy/inc/customizer/panels at master · ColorlibHQ/illdy · GitHub