Grey bar at the top of the pages

I have had a grey bar or block at the top of several of my pages that I hope can be removed.
It’s distracting and unappealing. Is there a way to remove it or is it part of the theme?

Pics below.


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
please provide url and i will take a look

Hi Noda,
It looks like it’s on all pages except the home page.
I can only post one link because there’s an error message saying:*** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. ***


Hello Lisa

Sorry, but i can’t see anything like on the screenshot on your website there is no grey transparent curtain on the pages, have you managed to fix it?

Hi Noda,
I tested the pages in Mozilla, and they don’t appear there, only Chrome. I’m glad you’re not seeing it. What browser do you use?


GOod morning

I use chrome, its my main browser and i can’t see it chrome, make sure you have latest version of the browser