h2 content incorrectly appearing at the home page, under the tittle

Dear Aigars,

The "h2 » strong » span " content, for example: O maravilhoso Rescue Remedy as you can see at my website: www.descondicionamento.com, becomes the first text line at the home page: O maravilhoso Rescue Remedy O Rescue Remedy é o rem…

I think it would be better that it doesn´t even appear there. The text should begin with the real text: O Rescue Remedy é o remédio ideal para utilizar em todas as situações em que seja necessário prestar socorro ou fazer um resgate embora, não substitua cuidados médicos. Por estes motivos é reco…

What can I do in order to make it “disappear” from there and that it ony appears when the visitor goes inside to read the full article?

Thank´s in advance!
Fernando Baptista


Is there anything I can do, to change this situation?

Thank you?


It is part of your content so it gets displayed in the blog index. It doesn’t matter if you mark it as h1, h2, span or anything else, it will still be displayed in the front page and there is absolutely no way you can prevent it automatically for displaying ghere.

Manual solution is to use Excerpt field that you can see under each Post when you are editing it. The field looks like this:

Content added in that field will be displayed as-is in the blog index. It doesn’t matter if you add there one word or the entire article. This will need to be done for all articles on which you are using h2 or other things that you don’t want to display on blog index.

Let me know if this helps.


I understand what you mean. But in this case, the format is not respected. Even if I dont want that first sentence there, if it would appear as a h2 as it is in the originl, perhaps I would accept it. But it becomes a normal text sentence…

Secondly I can´t find the excerpt under each post… so I can´t try to see what happens. I should copy the whole articles´text and past it there? (without images… of course… and what about them?)

Thank you for you very kind help.

Please read official WordPress documentation about excerpts, I think it will help you to understand what are excerpts, how they works and how they can be used.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you again!

Finally got it. I didn´t select “excerpt” before. And the translation for me, would not be “Resumo”, but Excerto…