Halen - Modify Auto Image Sizing in Albums

I have newly downloaded the lovely Halen photo presentation template and am beginning to modify it for my own photographic purposes.

The only niggle I have with the original template is that the individual Album images that display on an Album page (below the main header image and intro text) display with their widths either squeezed or stretched - to fill the overall width of the fluid container. Being a professional photographer, and for the type of imagery I produce, this is unacceptable distortion.

Here’s a sample album page: http://www.jimbatty.com/halen/boat_interior_3.html

Left to right: the first image (narrowboat lounge interior) is a vertical image widened; the second image (woman in boat galley) is a horizontal photo squeezed; the third image (boat bathroom) is a vertical image about the right proportions.

Can anyone suggest how I might modify the style.css file to retain the proper proportions of each image. I don’t care if the right hand side of all the photos in the album is left ragged.

I think the right area to modify is around .baby_gallery_wrap .single_gallery in the style.css file (starting around line 2784).

Thanks for any help.


This problem was rectified in my other post. Thanks Noda.

Thank you for informing us :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile: