Hamburger Menu Link Color

Hi Magic Suppor Team

I’d change color of the “opened” hamburger menu (desktop & mobile versions).

Before click : color is blue thanks to this CSS code :

.open-responsive-menu .fa {
font-size: 22px;
color: #3188c7;

but when I click on it → the hamburger menu color turns to black…

Could you give me the CSS code to make it red color ?

(Website is not online yet… please check pics enclosed)

Thank you very much !

Hey there

Hope you are doing well today :slight_smile:

Im sorry but to check such question I need to see live website, I cant generate custom CSS without it


My site is now online :

Could you try to answer my question please ?

Thank you

Hi there

Use this code:

.fa-bars:before, .fa-navicon:before, .fa-reorder:before {
color: #3188c7;

Noda, color menu remains blue (#3188c7) after clicking. It was not exactly my question but keeping blue color is always better than turn it into black.

Thank you very much



COlors of the menu will remain the same, there is no such option or css to change color after the mouse click :slight_smile:

Thank you Noda, it works ! Check it here :
All the Best !

Looks awesome :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend