Hamburger menu minify js

When I minify my js in the WP-Optimize plug-in the hamburger menu of my website on mobile isn’t working. If I switch the minify js toggle of it’s doing fine but my lighthouse score is obviously getting worse.
Guess I could exclude the path (not sure where I can find it).

Any help is welcomed! Greets


Hi Bart

Have you tried other caching plugins? I saw our users are using caching plugins but they don’t have similar probelms

I Could use an other plug-ins, but I think WP-Optimize does a good job. The best thing I can do is exclude the script from minify, just not sure where I can find the exact path (ex. js/main.js)

Yes, it’s working without the plugin, you may find the js file in the theme files, have you tried that?

I struggle to find the exact path of the js file so I can exclude it… Can you give me the path or point out how to find it?
Theme editor>… ?

I love this hamburger menu minify js feature, it works for me.

Hi there

I’m going to close this case here, please start a new ticket