Hamburger Menu not working on iPad


All is looking good with our website but I am noticing 2 issues particularly when viewing on an ipad device. On portrait mode, the hamburger menu displays, but nothing appears underneath the menu when clicking on it.

Second, I have linked the reviews menu tab to a section on our homepage, but on iPad this section link does not working. All of the other section links work fine except this one, and we have no issues on mobile.

Can you help me determine how to resolve this issue? Thank you!

The website link is:

Hi there

There is a problem with the mobile menu right now in the theme which is already reported and we are waiting for the fix
I just tried it and it worked without any problem for me, is this fixed?

Thanks so much for your prompt response. It works fine on mobile but unfortunately won’t open on my iPad device still, which is a 9.7-inch iPad 2nd Gen. I’ve been able to open hamburger menus on other pages, which indicates to me that it doesn’t seem to be the device in this case

hi Tal

I’m afraid 2nd generation of Ipade an old device and chances are it’s not supported somehow, what happens if you try it on some new devices?