Hamburger Menu Unresponsive on Mobile Browsers


This morning my hamburger menu stopped working on my website on mobile browsers.

I have tried disabling plugins and new css but I cannot understand why it has stopped being responsive or resolve the issue.

Please can someone take a look?

Thank you,

Hi Lucy

You have to install this plugin until the next theme update when we fix the outdated Jquery problem:

Thank you. I have installed and activated this plugin and cleared the cache with a master flush and it’s not working.

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I have the same issue and tried this fix too and it didn’t work for me either

I’ve deactivated the plugin as it was making my site load slowly.

Hi there

The problem is already reported for developers: Mobile menu is not working · Issue #139 · ColorlibHQ/Activello · GitHub

Please kindly wait for the theme update

Hi there,
i don’t understand what to do with the last answer !!!

Hi @briiiiiice

Im sorry, please patiently wait for the theme update.
if this is an urgent matter I recommend implementing the third party menu plugin for mobile

ok hope the update will come soon !

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thank you for understanding @briiiiiice :slight_smile:

Hi again

Any idea when we can expect this update?

Thank you,

The theme update hasn’t changed the menu issue on mobile browsers. I flushed the cache and the same issue remains.

Also still not working for me


Sorry about that, update for this problem is not yet released :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Could you give me an idea of when you are planning to release the update that will fix this issue?

Hi Lucy

Usually it takes a couple of weeks, sorry about it, as a temporary workaround you may use Wp mobile menu plugin to replace your mobile menu

I have the same problem - hamburger menu not working on mobile device. Has this issue been resolved? I have the current activello theme.

I’m sorry, but not yet, we are still waiting for resolution on this problem

As this has been ongoing for a few months now - do you think the problem will be resolved or should I try a different theme? Thank you.

Hi @emmascatt

Sorry once again, temporary solution that works is here: WP Mobile Menu – The Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menu – WordPress plugin |