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Dear helpdesk, I am a novice user of Wordpress in creating a web-site with your theme sparkling. In the Demo the main photo is in the full breadth. This I can’t make this on my own site. www.jangiesbertsen.nl The background picture isthe full breadth across the Board. What do I wrong. Greetings Jan Giesbertsen

Hi Jan,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

The header image displayed on the theme demo site https://colorlib.com/sparkling/ is theme slider images and the one you have set on your shared site is header image there it’s not displaying full width.

You can configure the slider on your site as described on the following page in the section “Set up Homepage Featured Slider”

Please note that in the latest version of theme all theme options are now moved to WordPress customizer that you can find in the admin area under Appearance >> Customize. All settings are still there but now you can tweak everything on a live preview. This change is made due to wordpress.org recommendation.

Best Regards,