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Hello, i am optimizing my website for media(aka smartphone tablet etc etc) and, when looking through phone, i find the menu opening button OVER the logo, and that the logo becomes too big on PC. Any suggestion on how to adjust this?
Attached are some photos of the website as it is with the bigger image

attached how it appears on pc, and that’s too much, it becomes too big…

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I have checked the website but the image appears correctly, please see the attached image.
What was the screen size of the PC that you used?

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i changed the image because it looked way to big, please refer to the pictures. the image size was precisely 588 × 171
px, and as you can see attached, it looks good on media( aside the menu button being on top while i’d like it be on bottom) but on PC its waaay to large.

It displays fine on mobile devices because its screen width is small and the image readjusts its width to fit in that small space.

On PC it is displayed in original size that is large.

To resolve this issue you can either use smaller size logo image that you did or we can develop custom CSS code to restrict its size on PC.