Header Callout and Footer Widget question

Hi there. Loving the Shapely Theme. Got our travel blog pretty much sussed as we want to keep it really simple for kids to update and access. I’ve 2 questions:

1 Header callout. Is there a way to have this show up on the page ABOVE the main/ primary menu, site idetity logo and search bar strip?

  1. Footer widget 2. Ive got all the site links showing up here. Unfortunately they are all in one stack, making the black section really deep. Is there a way to have them show up in 2/3/4 columns or rows so they take up less height?


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  1. In order to do this the template of the theme would need to e changed as this is not something that was a feature in the theme.

  2. Please go to Appearance > Widgets and distribute the content in the footer among the footer widget areas.

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