Header image missing

Hello, Ive tried so many different pictures, different sizes, cropped, not cropped but no success with the header image - cant show it up. This is the site: http://woman-bg.bg/
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Hey there

Alex, where can I see your problem? I browsed about 5+ pages on your site and I really don’t know what to check and where? please provide a little bit more details

The problem is here: (upload://7fL8pCMCKh96G4uNwspknQ8lkcY.jpeg)

If you need I can swich the admin panel to English.

Hi there

Sorry but that option is not active, if you tell me where exactly you want to set that image I can help with the custom CSS,

What do you mean it is not active? It used to be there, on the top of the page, but for some reasons-disappeared. Maybe I need to reinstall the theme…but if I switch to other theme, de-install and reinstall “Unite” will it keep the formatting of the page?


Your header currently has a header, not sure where that image was attached
Formating will be the same but I’m not sure if the reinstalling of the theme will help,