Header Image not mobile responsive?

How can I make the header image to be resized on mobile devices?

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What you mean in resize on mobile phones? :slight_smile: this is responsive theme and image added here will behave responsively, do you have any problem?

I am currently setting up a website also www.intershops.co.uk , desktop version looks really good so far but mobile and ipad version are so different .
I have used custom css to altar areas but could you please advise


Ok, first of all, want to know what exactly you wanted to change?
at this moment i see you are using Jetpack mobile theme,

I am using jetpack as i was hoping it would solve the problem. just want mobile version to be similar to website version as much as possible

i have deactivated jetpack now to see what happens, when i go onto mobile my header and menu are too large or cant be properly seen any large images i have altered to 100% width

Hello there,

Could you please provide us with the CSS code that you added to change the header?

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just have width 100%
and height 300 px


You should remove both css codes, they are breaking your website header layout, the problem here is only your image, its not adapted for desktop and for mobile devices same time, you have to change image or approach to display image like this