Header Image on Mobile Devices Not Loading

Hi, I have just spent a week building my website (angelo.co.uk) using the Shapely theme. I’m really happy with everything except I noticed that the Header Image on Mobile Devices is Not Loading.

Can somebody shed some light on why this is happening, please?

I also tested my website here https://ready.mobi/ and this confirmed the issue I am having.

Many Thanks

Hi Angelo

Its not loaded even on normal view for me, your image is generating 404 error, please reupload it and attach again.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Appreciated.

I experimented disabling various plugins and found the issue happened when W3 Total Cache is activated.

When I deactivated W3 Total Cache my Google Performance scores dropped significantly.

I then reactivated W3 Total Cache and now everything is working as normal. This is so weird.

I have a feeling, there may be conflict between other plugins and W3 and maybe the order in which they get activated is what causes the issue, maybe the last app’s code takes priority over previously installed apps. This is just a thought as a non coder!.

Hi there

I never seen such a problem before, I recommend to open support ticket with the W3 total cache plugin, Im sure they will have solution for this case


Will do that, and thanks for your support.


Okay, thank you and let us know if you need any help