Header image white space and mobile view

Hi, I’ve already read and followed the advice on the other white space and header image forum posts. There is still way too much white space in the header and title areas. You can see what I mean here: http://psychedelicdoilies.com. Also, before the header wasn’t responsive in mobile view and stayed very large. I followed the advice in one of the other forums to use the code:

/resize heading/
@media (max-width: 550px){
.custom-header {
background-size: contain;
height:200px !important;

Now the header is displaying much smaller in mobile view but it’s too small.

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You can change the header height simply change the height value from 200px to something like 400px depending on how you like it.

This CSS code can be used to reduce the space:

/*Reduce space*/
.entry-thumbnail {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

Have you added any other code besides the ones that we provided? If so please remove those codes temporarily and refresh the page.

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