Header Title Overprint Header Image

Hello! How can I display both the site title in the header and the header image with the site title and subtitle overprinting the image. For example the title is white on printing over the color image in the header area. Thanks for your help!

@Rodly Have you had any luck figuring this out? When I upload a custom header and tick “show header text with your image” nothing appears (not even overprinted.)

No, that’s why I’m inquiring. I also upload, check the box and I only see the image. I’d love to modify the title, maybe reposition it, to have the text incorporated into the image. Maybe the better solution is to just create the image with the text as a part of it.

Hi @Rodly. I thought the same, and tried it, but the logo space (300 x 76) is just too small — it looks insubstantial (I’d share a link, but site is not mine and it’s not public yet.)

It’s frustrating, as the theme is ideal in so many ways, but something seems to be broken here. I’m going to go back to seeing if I can figure out a way to code a larger header to appear at the top. Good luck. I’d be interested to hear how you make out.

@Rodly, I just found this and think it may answer your question — sounds like there is not enough space in the header for both the site title and the logo.