I would like to change a couple of things about my site.

  • Is is posible to set a image as background header on the pages? (now it is just a color)

  • Is it posible to make mij menu header sticky but that it wil only get a color when you scroll under the front image. ( it is transparant now.

  • Can i center the skill section on the front page.

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  1. In order to have an image in the header you will have to edit the page that is assigned as the frontpage then add a featured image which will then be used as the jumbotron image.

  2. You can use the following CSS code to make a sticky menu by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Sticky menu*/
#header .top-header {
position: fixed;
z-index: 99;

  1. It can be centered with some CSS code. Could you please add a link to your website so that the code can be created?

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Thanks for your reply,

1.- if i add an featured image on a page it won’t show on top. So you will not be able to read the title because it is white. And you can also not see the top menu because it is also a white font (see screenshot added).
The screenshot with the page ‘villa’ i send in the last post, I want the part that is blue now to be an image. But i want a different image on every page.

2.- If i add this code het header is stickey, only it stays transparant and sinds the text is white you wil not be able to see it when you scroll down.

3.- i am working on the website so it is still on maintenance mode