Hello I can't download any template


I can no longer see a download link to any template, even after connecting to my account, I can see my purchase, and when I click on the download link provided there it brings me to the website templates page but I can only browse them but can’t download them, can you please help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Hi Abdellah

Most probably, your subscription has ended, and that is why you cant download templates, the subscription has one year period.


Hello no I purchased a lifetime period

This happens each time you raise the price for the lifetime period, so If someone purchases the lifetime period for $349 now, will you charge him again if you raise your price later? I was from the people who supported Colorlib back in 2020; the lifetime pack was 99$.

If I was to purchase it for the first time again I would support you guys but not if you will revoke the access to the lifetime pack each time you raise the price…

Please can you restore my access?


I also looked for the screenshot to see if at the time there was mentioned that this was a subscription, and there wasn’t any mention of that at the time, here is the screenshot

Only the support for help with templates was limited to 1 year

Hi there

Im afraid this rule has been changed for everybody, unfortunatelly I’m not the person who can judge on this.
Sorry for inconvenience


I see thank you for your support

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: